Wednesday, 16 July 2014

16 07 14

There’s a woman sitting, facing me. Staring through me as she chews her sleeves and moves slightly. Erratically.

One of the many cheap ‘everything you can imagine for almost nothing’ shops on Walworth Rd, I’m buying a hand blender which I was directed to after mime and sound effects.  The woman faced the huge opening to the shop asI walked in. There is no doorway in this place, just a shutter. Her face is a map of scabs and sores. She stands close, just behind me as I attempt to pay. The cashier, new, is trying to work out how much the sale is with no price on the box. I tell her three times. As she does this, the young woman with scabs attempts to sell her a Casio watch. The cashier laughs when the owner won’t come to price. The young woman laughs a loud and hearty hollow echo.