Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Gae Pishen

Well, it's been a quiet old time at Born Frowning, my home town, out there on the edge of a panic attack. We all got through the winter, thanks for asking, the same way we always do. Dig in, hope for the best and let it pass the way it wants to. Now the trees are budding and the air is taking on that fresh smell and the sun feels like it did when you were young. Except we're not. Time doesn't roll that way no matter how much you wish.

Things have been slow over here and I've left a whole bunch of unfinished stuff, but I hope to pick it up again soon. Four years is a long time and I need to focus on bigger fish. But I'll be back. Maybe not every month, maybe not always stories, maybe just a picture or two like the one below. This ain't dead, it's just resting.

Tom | Born Frowning,

Where all the women are bitter and all the men are sad and all the children won't stop asking questions